Ossie Amir (WF) Delegate Platform

Delegate to Os on Tally : Ossie’s Delegate Profile

Delegate Name: Ossie Amir

Address / Forum Handle: ossie.eth / @ossie

Contact: oa@xala.co

About: Hello, I’m Ossie (rhymes with Wassie). Over the past eight years I’ve been deep in the trenches on the frontlines of blockchain and global instant payments infrastructure, helping to define global financial interoperability way before it was cool onchain. My aim as a delegate is to bring harmony to the technocratic, plutocratic and democratic interests of the Wormhole DAO.


  • Global Integrations Lead at the Wormhole Foundation.
  • Academic with Masters in Critical Theory (dialectics) and CS.
  • In-depth work on ZKPs enhancing privacy and scalability across blockchain interactions.
  • Published research on DAO structures and decentralization principles, contributing to academic and practical advancements in the field.
  • Built a blockchain based payment settlement layer for NZD integrated with SWIFT in 2015.
  • Served on Payments New Zealand API Steering Council.
  • Built an open banking payments orchestration fintech from London during COVID, now scaling to over 150 employees.
  • Degen score top 5%.

Delegate Platform: I’m deeply committed to actualizing the interoperability vision with intellectual integrity, kindness and astute action. My bid for Wormhole delegacy is rooted in a belief that decentralization can fundamentally enhance how we interact and transact. I aim to:

  • Enhance Wormhole’s Technology: Push the boundaries of what’s possible with data interoperability and infrastructure scalability.
  • Foster Comprehensive Governance: Use my academic background in decentralization to support transparent and effective governance mechanisms that harmonize the interests of all stakeholders.
  • Drive Global Engagement: Expand Wormhole’s influence and utility across the blockchain ecosystem.

Conflicts of Interest: I am currently Global Integrations Lead at the Wormhole Foundation. Other than this I hold no positions or engagements that conflict with my potential role as a Wormhole delegate.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: Transparency is paramount. Should any conflicts of interest arise, I will disclose them immediately to the community and recuse myself from voting on related matters.