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Delegate Name: Boardroom Governance

Delegate Address: 0x6De8448e7d5f58af394CC9540ABe703d0c955dFd

Forum Handle(s): Boardroom

Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc):, @boardroom_info


Boardroom is a governance platform offering proxy services, tooling, and data to protocol contributors and stakeholders, helping them make faster, brighter, and more informed decisions.


Boardroom supports the governance of nearly hundreds of protocols via our platform and has actively participated in the growth of decentralized governance over the last four years. The team constantly audits governance contracts, systems, and processes to power our governance data API and governance client, which is trusted and widely used across the industry. Boardroom also maintains close relationships with delegates and contributors in most major DAOs. Their feedback has helped analyze tokenholder preferences and relay industry best practices.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

From our vantage point in the industry, we see many recurring issues in governance. Some examples include information asymmetry, social dynamics hindering newcomer participation, limited access and support for large tokenholders and delegates, and widespread apathy and low participation among tokenholders. These issues create barriers to effective governance, making it difficult for stakeholders to stay informed, contribute meaningfully, and navigate the decision-making process.

Boardroom is well positioned to kickstart initiatives addressing these challenges by improving information dissemination, fostering community engagement, supporting stakeholders, and promoting a more participatory governance environment in the Wormhole ecosystem onboarding. As a delegate, Boardroom will offer support to contributors who don’t have the connections or the voting power needed to propose new initiatives and contribute to the governance and growth of the protocol.

Conflicts of Interest:

Boardroom is a venture-funded company with investors that include delegates in other protocols that could become competitive with Wormhole. Boardroom also has integrations (client and platform) and has provided governance facilitation services to stakeholders in the Optimism, Moonwell, 0x, Compound, and Aave ecosystems.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise:

Boardroom will abstain from voting on any proposal that directly benefits the entity.

Certainly! Here is a potential question you could ask:

Question for Delegate Applicant: Boardroom Governance

Thank you for providing detailed information about your application. I have a question to better understand your approach and policies:

  1. Addressing Governance Challenges:
    • Boardroom aims to address issues such as information asymmetry, social dynamics hindering newcomer participation, and low participation among tokenholders. Can you provide specific strategies or initiatives you plan to implement within the Wormhole ecosystem to overcome these challenges? Additionally, how do you plan to measure the effectiveness of these strategies?

Your detailed response to this question will help us better understand your approach to improving governance and ensuring effective stakeholder participation. Thank you!