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Delegate Name: WhisperNode

Delegate Address: 0x452Dde67a0eD37Afd751D52cDFB228e305100892

Forum Handle(s): WhisperNode

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@whispernode on twitter


WhisperNode is a premier web3 infrastructure provider renowned for powering the backbone of blockchain ecosystems with our state-of-the-art validation services, RPC endpoints, and IBC relayers.

Understanding that the pulse of any blockchain is its community, we are deeply ingrained in the projects we support, actively engaging in on-chain governance and fostering network growth through participation and advocacy. This community-first approach is not only a principle but a strategic endeavor that enhances our service quality and the ecosystems we are a part of.

WhisperNode isn’t just an infrastructure provider; we are a beacon of trust and efficiency in the web3 space. Our clients rest assured knowing that their blockchain operations are supported by a company that not only delivers exceptional technical services but also shares a vested interest in their success and the broader adoption of decentralized technologies.


We’ve been active in the crypto space for many years, focusing on infrastructure, community building, and governance.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

As firm believers in a connected multichain future we see Wormhole as a piece of critical infrastructure for Web3. As such, we want to be at the forefront of governance influencing the protocol.

Conflicts of Interest:

None at this time.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise:

We will listen to our delegates and do what is best for the protocol regardless of any COIs (though doubtful they will arise). We will disclose potential conflicts of interest and recuse ourselves from voting on proposals or participating in initiatives that could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Certainly! Here is a potential question you could ask:

Question for Delegate Applicant: WhisperNode

Thank you for providing detailed information about your application. I have a question to better understand your platform and philosophy:

  1. Community Engagement and Governance:
    • WhisperNode emphasizes a community-first approach and active engagement in on-chain governance. Can you provide specific examples of how you have engaged with the communities of other blockchain projects you support? How do you plan to incorporate community feedback into your decision-making process for Wormhole governance?

Your detailed response to this question will help us better understand your approach to community engagement and ensure that you are the right fit for this delegate role. Thank you!