Thesis Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Rod Carraresi (representing Thesis)

Delegate Address: 0x33142CF2258Ee0dd00eeaf6D6727851F4e54ED83

Forum Handle(s): @tothesea

Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc): Telegram: ToTheSea22

About: Community builder.

Experience: 15+ years working in tech (most recently crafting developer programs and building devrel teams for the past +6).

Delegate Platform or Philosophy: “Open source is eating software faster than software is eating the world”. I believe in open communication, responsibility, and getting involved. As part of the DAO community, I’m excited about how decentralized decision-making can bring fresh ideas and make things fairer. I’ll listen to everyone, push for steady growth, and make sure decisions reflect the DAO’s long-term goals and what we all stand for. I want everyone to feel heard and involved in how things are run.

Conflicts of Interest: Representing Thesis, tBTC/Threshold Network and Mezo.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: If a conflict ever comes up, I’ll be upfront and honest.

  • Tell everyone involved in the DAO right away.
  • Not take part in discussions or votes where I might be biased.
  • Get advice from other delegates and the community to make the best choice for the DAO.
  • Always be open to hearing your concerns about conflicts.

Tally profile: Rod Carraresi - Thesis's Delegate Profile