Wormhole China Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Wormhole China

Delegate Address: 0x780222B0BF2Bb49BE54580e171704d35A0805E1d

Forum Handle(s): @WormholeChina

Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc): open@wormholecn.xyz

About: Wormhole China is the official Chinese community building team for Wormhole and receives grant from the Wormhole Foundation to provide up-to-date information, comprehensive community education, and robust support to the Chinese community. Our mission is to empower Chinese builders and users with a deep understanding of Wormhole’s infrastructure, product series, and its broader ecosystem.

Experience: With six years of industry experience, the Wormhole China team has excelled in community engagement and operations, possessing a deep understanding of the Asian blockchain landscape. Over the past five years, Wormhole China has published more than 1,000 articles, reached more than 5 million readers, and organised over 150 events both online and offline in China.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy: Community always First! Wormhole China is committed to making the best decisions in on-chain governance on behalf of the members of the Wormhole Chinese community. This means that we will listen to the community, actively review and understand governance proposals, and provide feedback where necessary. Based on this, we will actively vote on governance proposals and explain our voting positions.

Conflicts of Interest: Wormhole China receives grant from Wormhole Foundation and is one of the core contributors to the Wormhole ecosystem.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: When conducting on-chain voting, Wormhole China will remain objective and fair, actively listen to the community, and act from the community’s perspective. If necessary, we will refrain from voting on any proposals that involve the interests of the Wormhole China team.


Twitter/X: https://x.com/wormholechina
Medium: https://wormholechina.medium.com/
Email: open@wormholecn.xyz