Arana Digital Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Arana Digital

Delegate Address: 0x0579A616689f7ed748dC07692A3F150D44b0CA09

Forum Handle(s): @AranaDigital & @AbdullahUmar



About Us

We are a governance group composed of ex-Michigan Blockchain members. Our team is currently made up of five individuals, all of which are deeply steeped in the crypto space and have multiple years of participation in protocol governance. With delegation history for DEXs, money markets, L2s, liquid staking protocols, and stablecoins, we’re acclimated with a breadth of sectors. We bring a diversity of experience to DAOs–our members have consulted for companies like Immutable and dYdX, worked at crypto investment and trading firms, set up various validator nodes, and run educational events for university students.


Our team is active in the governance of numerous DAOs, primarily acting as a delegate–and further contributing through participation in various working groups. For example, we are a part of the Uniswap Accountability Committee, responsible for deploying Uni v3 across 10+ chains with LP incentive programs. We have collaborated with Wormhole on a handful of these deployments, including for Rootstock, Wormhole, and Sei (coming in May 2024), for cross-chain message passing. Previous collaborations with Wormhole Labs has made us attuned to the functionalities and architecture behind Wormhole.

Delegate Philosophy

  • Diligence: We thoroughly investigate each proposal, engaging with other delegates and service providers to gather diverse perspectives and insights prior to making a decision.
  • Transparency: We openly share information about decisions and their rationales, providing clear and accessible updates, and ensuring that all processes are effective to the community.
  • Innovation + Sustainability: We champion initiatives that will both allow the DAO and its underlying protocol to sustain its advantages, all the while continuously looking to iron out flaws and introduce efficiencies.

Conflicts of Interest

We are actively involved as delegates and contributors in multiple other DAOs. Arana also has an investment arm focused on allocating to small caps digital assets.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise:

Any relevant conflicts of interest will be publicized when needed.

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