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Delegate to Raf on Tally: Rafso’s delegate profile

Delegate Name: rafso.eth

Delegate Address: 0x0Cf665e5A2fc98044e5EbF8E3AcC549587231f9e

Forum Handle(s):

Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc):

@rafaelsolari on twitter


CTO at Tally (tally.xyz) and MultiGov contributor


I’ve been active in the crypto space for many years, focusing on infrastructure and governance.

Before Tally, I was the first engineer at Namebase and helped run Crypto NYC. I’ve seen communities and protocols grow from early ideas into core pillars of the ecosystem. I’ve thought deeply about both the technical layer and the social layer. Protocol DAOs is where they two layers meet.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

I am excited about Wormhole and its focus on interoperability.

Wormhole is on the infrastructure frontier. As new chains and rollups scale the old bottleneck – blockspace – they introduce fragmentation. Wormhole fixes this!

As a delegate, I am excited to help Wormhole build a credibly neutral platform for developers to build great experiences, critical apps and a big platform. I will focus primarily on DAO operations, social and technical decentralization, and making the Wormhole ecosystem the best interoperability layer.

Conflicts of Interest:

I am the CTO and co-founder of Tally. Tally both provides governance services to the Wormhole DAO and is a partner with Wormhole to bring MultiGov to market. MultiGov will let any DAO go multichain with Wormhole’s tech.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise:

I will abstain from voting on any proposals that would financially benefit me or any entities that I have a business interest in.