Areta Delegate Platform

Key Info

Please delegate to us on: 0x8b37a5Af68D315cf5A64097D96621F64b5502a22


Areta is an ex-McKinsey/Blackstone crypto-native investment bank specialising in strategic transactions, complex governance processes, and institutional delegation for protocols and institutions.

We have had the privilege to work for some of the leading companies and DAOs in the crypto space. Examples of our work include leading the first cross-ecosystem growth initiative for Uniswap and Arbitrum, the first acquisition of Coingecko, the sale of Solscan to Etherscan, and the strategic wind-down of Gro DAO.

One example where the capabilities of our firm merged is our partnership with Safe, where we operated as an extension to the in-house Governance team to set-up key initiatives intended to mature their governance system. Here, we worked hand in hand with our investment banking team to facilitate Safe’s token launch. While the IB team developed the strategic narrative for the token launch and structured the token sale with institutional investors across the globe, the governance team worked hand in hand with the Safe Foundation to steer the community through the token launch and ensured the maturity of Safe governance for the post-launch phase.

As DAOs emerge from their infancy, their structures have proven powerful tools for enabling decentralisation and autonomy. However, they often encounter challenges in maintaining the organisation, highlighted by governance issues such as contributor onboarding and delegate overload. This scenario has highlighted areas where DAOs can improve in establishing structured processes for better collaboration and are open to further strengthening against inefficiencies.

Recognising the need for evolution, we focus on excellent DAO participation with robust, defensible analysis of proposals through a structured voting process while simultaneously applying our deep institutional knowledge and strategic governance expertise to offer proactive DAO governance solutions aimed at nurturing the ecosystem for the long term.

Delegate Statement (why you should delegate to us)

First and foremost, Areta’s key tenets as delegates are as follows:

  • We will aim for 100% voting participation - we are deeply invested in the ecosystem and our goal is to meaningfully support its direction via thoughtful, educated governance decisions.
  • We always commit to voting independently and impartially.
  • We will open source our rationale through frequent updates to this thread, which will act to anchor our thinking and make ourselves accountable to the wider Wormhole community.

We will achieve these tenets through our four unique sources of value:

Structured & Streamlined Voting Process

  • Our team lead adds new proposals to a shared tracker and assigns each incoming proposal to a specific member of the team.
  • For each proposal, we prepare a standard memo summarising the key issues, the black and white hat case (pros and cons), and a recommended decision with accompanying rationale.
  • Each proposal is then peer reviewed by another team member.
  • For complex proposals that require more discussion, we involve more members of the team as necessary to form a joint opinion.
  • We then publish our voting rationale externally on our public forum.

We always try to base our votes on sound, defensible rationale so that we are internally consistent and our voting track record stands up to external critique.

Ecosystem Growth and Expansion to Institutions

Leveraging the Areta network to promote and foster flourishing ecosystems across DAOs. Bringing unprecedented ties to a deep traditional network of corporates, strategics, and investors.

Governance Optimisation

Utilising our expertise to diagnose, analyse, correct, and enhance the effectiveness of DAO governance, ensuring streamlined operations and decision-making, while building up accountability structures.


As delegates, we commit to dedicating our time and resources to help accelerate Wormhole’s development and growth. We will leverage our global network, business knowledge, and entrepreneurial mindset, to drive value for Wormhole token holders, and in doing so, seek to have a profound impact on the way the world does business within Web3.

Conflicts of Interest

Areta currently does not have any material conflicts of interest. We do not hold any other cryptocurrencies. We agree to keep the Wormhole community updated should any conflicts of interest arise.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to Areta, you acknowledge and agree that Areta will participate on a best efforts basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in Wormhole or this DAO.