Beachball Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: beachball

About: beachball is a core contributor at Synonym Finance, a cross-chain lending market built on the Wormhole technology stack. Actively building with the latest Wormhole tools, beachball’s core goal revolves around making it easier for teams of all types to adopt Wormhole technologies.

Delegate Address: 0x8DC55AD7cfF84497b0D29464AeBB133b18f50531

Forum Handle(s): beachball

Alternate Means Of Contact:

  • Discord: 0xbeachball
  • Telegram: beachball_0x
  • Twitter/X:

Experience: beachball has contributed to a number of protocols throughout DeFi including Jones DAO, Notional Finance, New Order DAO and Synonym Finance.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy: Users deserve to live in a chain-abstracted world that prioritizes user experience, opportunities and flexibility. I am committed to responsibly leveraging DAO resources to prioritize Wormhole adoption amongst developers and users.

Conflicts of Interest: Actively building with Wormhole Stack. No conflicts of interest with other technology providers.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: If conflicts are to arise, I will ensure that I work with other delegates to reduce their impact on the effective governance and direction of Wormhole and remove myself from governance if absolutely necessary.

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