DAOplomats Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: DAOplomats.eth
Delegate Address: 0x057928bc52bD08e4D7cE24bF47E01cE99E074048
Delegate ENS Address: gov.DAOplomats.eth
Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc):


DAOplomats is a governance-as-a-service organisation that empowers DAOs through effective governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiatives. We leverage our expertise to help DAOs achieve their full potential by fostering collaboration and maximising positive outcomes.


DAOplomats has extensive experience in DAO governance, including

  • Designing and implementing effective governance frameworks,
  • Analysing proposals objectively
  • Fostering consensus

Our Commitment to Wormhole’s Vision and Mission:

We are deeply impressed by Wormhole’s mission to power multichain applications and bridges at scale, fostering seamless interoperability across different blockchains. Wormhole’s position as a leading interoperability platform aligns with our core values of innovation, decentralization, and positive-sum collaboration. By becoming a delegate, we aim to contribute to Wormhole’s growth and success, ensuring it continues to lead in the multichain space.

Our Core Values and Approach to Governance:

Our approach to DAO governance is guided by objective decision-making, decentralization, and fostering win-win scenarios that benefit all stakeholders. We believe in empowering communities by pushing decision-making power to the edges, ensuring that every voice is heard and considered in the governance process.

Delegation Vision & Goals for Wormhole:

Promoting Wormhole Adoption and User-Centric Design:

We are committed to supporting Wormhole’s mission of enhancing blockchain interoperability. Our goal is to promote the adoption of Wormhole by encouraging active participation in governance and advocating for user-centric design principles that make multichain applications more accessible and user-friendly.

Cross-DAO Collaboration and Building Strong Relationships:

Leveraging our extensive experience in collaborating with various DAOs, we aim to foster collaboration between Wormhole and other relevant projects. This cross-DAO collaboration can unlock new opportunities to integrate Wormhole with other decentralized systems, thereby enhancing its utility and expanding its reach.

Community-Centric Education and Participation:

Recognizing the importance of a vibrant community, we prioritize educational initiatives to raise awareness about Wormhole’s features and benefits. We will actively engage the Wormhole community by facilitating discussions, gathering feedback on proposals, and ensuring inclusivity in decision-making processes.

What Members Can Expect from Us:

  • Transparent and Objective Decision-Making: We commit to making well-informed decisions based on thorough analysis and community input.
  • Active Engagement: We will maintain an active presence in the Wormhole governance forums, contributing to discussions and upd
    ates regularly.
  • Educational Initiatives: We will organize and promote educational content and events to help community members better understand Wormhole’s technology and governance.
  • Collaborative Efforts: We will work tirelessly to build and strengthen partnerships with other DAOs and projects, enhancing Wormhole’s ecosystem.

By delegating to us, members can expect a dedicated and passionate team focused on advancing Wormhole’s mission and ensuring the platform’s long-term success.

Conflicts of Interest

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

  1. Engagements with other DAOs might lead to overlapping interests. Conflicts could arise if we have interests in projects applying for Wormhole grants. Financial decisions for Wormhole might be influenced by commitments to other DAOs. Endorsing proposals could be challenging if there are competing interests. Building partnerships may lead to conflicts if goals clash with existing relationships.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest

Identification: Prompt disclosure and transparent reporting.

Management: Members recuse themselves, establish independent review committees, and maintain clear role boundaries.

Resolution: Seek community input, use third-party mediation, and maintain a conflict register.

Documentation and Reporting: Conduct regular audits and share findings to ensure compliance and accountability.


DAOplomats commits to integrity and transparency, managing conflicts of interest proactively to ensure decisions benefit Wormhole’s growth and success.