Mayan Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Mayan
Delegate Address: 6Qh93ujmhn2pTaxLPFtNnkjNWwiipoH2nSpQApji1Jvu
Forum Handle: @Mayan
Twitter: MayanFinance

Dear Wormhole Community,

I am writing to express Mayan’s interest in becoming a delegate within the Wormhole DAO. As co-founder of Mayan, a cross-chain swap auction protocol powered by Wormhole, I believe our extensive experience and dedication position us as an ideal candidate for this role.

About Mayan
Founded in early 2022, Mayan leverages the Wormhole technology to facilitate secure and efficient cross-chain swaps. Our protocol has successfully processed over $600 million in volume, making it the second highest volume product in the Wormhole ecosystem.

Commitment to the Wormhole Ecosystem: Our team’s profound expertise with Wormhole’s ecosystem has not only contributed to our product’s success but also deepened our commitment to the ecosystem’s growth and stability.
As a delegate, we aim to bring our technical insight and a community-focused perspective to the DAO.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: Should a conflict of interest arise, the Mayan will abstain from voting.

We appreciate your consideration and are eager to serve the Wormhole community in a greater capacity.

Mo Elahi,
Co-founder, Mayan