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Delegate Name: PYOR
Delegate Address: 0x803EF975F65abFd0deD95651A50649A9215436D7
Forum Handle: @PYOR

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About PYOR
PYOR is a crypto data analytics company backed by Castle Island and Coinbase Ventures. We specialise in measuring the business performance of protocols/chains. We work with large institutional investors and protocols in the web3 space.

The previous leadership team of Coinswitch found PYOR. Our team consists of Degen on-chain analysts and researchers.


  • We work extsnively with large institutional customers supporting their Crypto analytics and research needs. Our customers include Ribbit Capital and M31 Capital amongst others.

  • We extensively work with Protocols building custom solutions tailored to their needs. Some of the Protocols / chains we have worked with include Compound, Tezos, ICP, Swell, QuickSwap, Osmosis among others.

  • We have built an interface X-ray for institutional investors to give them an in depth look into the business and financial metrics. Our platform includes metrics around retention, LTV, user activity, stable coin volumes etc.

We regularly publish in-depth and quantitative reports and have partnered with Ethereum Enterprise foundation to publish research reports.

Delegate Philosophy:
Enhancing Trust and Clarity in Blockchain

Our mission is to enhance trust and clarity within the blockchain ecosystem. We commit to voting in ways that uphold these principles, always aligning our actions with the community’s best interests. Impartiality and independence are fundamental to our decision-making process.

Advancing DAO Growth through Strategic Governance

We believe that strategic and effective governance is essential for DAOs to grow and succeed. Our approach ensures that each decision is made with careful consideration of its long-term impact on the community and the underlying protocol.

Thoroughness, Openness, and Forward-Thinking

  1. Thoroughness: We rigorously examine each proposal, collaborating with other delegates and service providers to gather diverse perspectives and insights before making a decision. This ensures our choices are well-informed and considerate of various viewpoints.
  2. Openness: We are committed to transparently sharing information about our decisions and the reasoning behind them. We provide clear and accessible updates, ensuring all processes are transparent and effective for the community.
  3. Forward-Thinking and Sustainability: We advocate for initiatives that sustain the DAO’s advantages while continuously seeking to improve and introduce efficiencies. Our goal is to foster a sustainable and innovative environment that benefits all members.

Clarity, Security, and Community Participation

At the core of our philosophy are clarity, security, and community participation. We believe in the transformative power of decentralized technologies and are dedicated to contributing to a secure and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. Our approach is data-driven and grounded in technical expertise, enabling us to make informed decisions that benefit the entire community.

Conflicts of Interest

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise
Disclose when needed.

Here is our Wormhole delegate Profile: @pyorxyz's Delegate Profile