Wallfacer Labs Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Wallfacer Labs

Delegate Address: 0x34c5E696Ddeb7Fa8dA550C8C490eeD1327C098d4

Forum Handle(s): @WallfacerLabs

Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc):

About: Wallfacer Labs is a crypto company that contributes to protocols and builds products like vaults.fyi


Our team has experience across DeFi, open source, and building products. We are core contributors to TrueFi, an onchain credit protocol that has done ~$2 billion in onchain loan originations and is deployed on 3 chains. We are behind vaults.fyi, the homepage of onchain yield. We built popgdp as a part of the most recent Worldcoin grants round to improve their grants distribution process.


  • Strong Commitments (Be accountable): Our work is impactful and often involves decisions that can impact people’s funds. We take our responsibility very seriously and approach our work very deliberately.
  • Continuous Education (Be immersed): It’s hard to be exceptional in this industry if you’re not constantly immersed in the space. The industry moves fast and to succeed, we are always learning
  • Cultivate Good User Experiences: As creators of vaults.fyi, we think it’s important to support infrastructure and dApps that can grow DeFi to the next billion users.
  • Grow the pie: Engage in long term projects that create value. Don’t PvP. Play positive sum games. We are so early™.

Conflicts of Interest: N/A. We work on other DeFi protocols, but nothing competitive

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: In the event that a conflict of interest arises, we will promptly disclose it to all relevant parties. We can then collaborate to determine the best next steps.