Dennison Bertram Delegate Platform

Delegate Profile: Dennison Bertram

Delegate Name: Dennison Bertram

Delegate Address: dennisonbertram.eth (0xE8D848debB3A3e12AA815b15900c8E020B863F31)

Forum Handle(s): dennisonb

Alternate Means Of Contact: Twitter: @dennisonbertram


My name is Dennison Bertram, and I am the CEO and cofounder of I am deeply passionate about Governance, DAOs, and engaging in extensive forum discussions on intricate technological issues. It would be a great honor to serve as your delegate.


  • CEO of

  • Early contributor at OpenZeppelin

  • Creator of the first NFT derivative project

  • Founder of DopeWars (the Crypto game and ecosystem)

  • Currently building liquid staking solutions for DAOs with

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

I firmly believe that DAOs need practical frameworks to thrive. Enforcing norms ensures that all participants feel empowered to contribute, fostering an inclusive environment. Value is generated within communities, and a project’s success is directly linked to the strength and alignment of its ecosystem. Specifically, for the Wormhole, my focus is on ensuring secure and seamless cross-chain transactions, maintaining robust governance structures, and promoting widespread adoption through community engagement and education.

Conflicts of Interest:

As the CEO of, a primary services provider to the Wormhole DAO, I recognize potential conflicts of interest.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise:

I will endeavor to vote ‘Abstain’ on proposals that directly benefit whenever possible. I am committed to transparently identifying and disclosing conflicts of interest, encouraging the community to hold me accountable. While conflicts of interest are not inherently negative, I will strive to avoid using my position for unfair advantage, ensuring fairness and integrity in all decision-making processes.

Key Focus Areas for Wormhole Bridge:

  1. Security:
  • Prioritizing the security of cross-chain transactions to protect user assets and maintain trust in the bridge.

  • Supporting audits and continuous monitoring to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

  1. Governance:
  • Strengthening governance structures to ensure transparency and accountability in decision-making.

  • Encouraging community participation to foster diverse perspectives and democratic processes.

  1. Adoption and Usability:
  • Promoting the Wormhole Bridge through educational initiatives and community engagement.

  • Simplifying the user experience to encourage broader adoption and ease of use.

  1. Ecosystem Alignment:
  • Ensuring alignment between the Wormhole DAO and the broader ecosystem to leverage synergies and drive innovation.

  • Facilitating collaboration and partnerships to enhance the bridge’s utility and value proposition.

By focusing on these areas, I aim to contribute to the success and sustainability of the Wormhole.