Eminence Delegate

I am Eminence, a DAO Ops professional with five years of experience advocating for decentralization. I prioritize clear communication, accountability, and trust, and I have no conflicts of interest. Additionally, I believe that flexibility is key to effectively handling crises.

Delegate Name: Eminence

Delegate Address: 0xEf0062D9ce0E12Ff938e2F171a48bc02F60E0aa4

Forum Handle(s): www.linkedin.com/in/idongesit-ekpanya-1b6454219


Alternate Means Of Contact (Twitter, Discord, Email, etc): eminence7751

About: DAO Ops for decentralization.

Experience: 5 Years of Experience in DAO Ops

Delegate Platform or Philosophy: Clear communication, accountability and trust.

Conflicts of Interest: None

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: Staying flexible to handle crises and the most difficult tasks.