Ben DiFrancesco (ScopeLift) Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Ben DiFrancesco

Delegate Address: scopelift.eth

Forum Handle(s): @bendi

Twitter: @BenDiFrancesco, @ScopeLift

Experience: I’m the founder and CEO of ScopeLift, a web3 engineering firm that specializes in smart contract development, especially in the DAO Governance space. I’ve been working with and participating in DAOs of various shapes and sizes for four years, and I’ve been in crypto broadly since 2012.

Delegate Platform or Philosophy: My commitment is to demand engineering excellence in all the DAO does. This means having a security first posture and insisting on high quality code. At the same time, it means pushing to move the ecosystem forward by enabling permissionless innovation on top of Wormhole as protocol. This can only happen if the project is committed to progressive decentralization and true community ownership. Ensuring this happens in a safe and sustainable way will be my goal as a Wormhole delegate.

Conflicts of Interest: ScopeLift has partnered with Tally and the Wormhole Foundation to develop MultiGov.

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest When They Arise: Abstain.