[Community, Public Good] EventHorizon Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: Event Horizon
Forum Handle(s): www.medium.com/hvax
Means Of Contact:
– Twitter / X: @EventHorizonDAO (x.com)
– Discord: Event Horizon


Event Horizon is designed to enfranchise the long tail distribution of tens of thousands of smaller voters found within the citizenry of every DAO.


– Metrics & Traction: Event Horizon is already live within both the Gitcoin and Arbitrum ecosystems and has mobilized >$38,000,000 of voting power across ~300 proposals on over 6 DAOs all on behalf of retail voters at no cost to the user. This is $38,000,000 of voice amplification for the low-capital, high-conviction citizens which would never have been possible prior to the Event Horizon’s product.

Most recently, the Event Horizon community passed its Arbitrum snapshot proposal for a ~$10,000,000 delegation with $150,000,000 in unilateral support from every major delegate in the ecosystem. officially partnered with Gitcoin to leverage the Gitcoin Passport and received a 150,000 GTC community delegation.

At present, EventHorizon is regularly one of the top 10 largest voters in Uniswap, Aave, Compound, and Shapeshift and has operated for the community over the past 300 proposals with 0 proposal downtime.

– Per a recent Open Zeppelin review: “The Event Horizon Team first began publishing work in July 2023. They have an active Discord and have been very responsive to user questions there and in other community forums. They have an active documentation site which highlights their projects including DAO token staking. They have also written several blog articles about DAO governance on their blog.”

Delegate Platform or Philosophy:

– Problem with Governance Today: Not enough people care to vote, and those who do care don’t have much influence. Today, typical DAO voter and token participation hovers around 1%. That means 99% of a DAO’s governance thought capital is not being used to improve the DAO’s collective cognition. Voting when you only have, say, $100 worth of voting power, simply doesn’t make sense, it’s a drop in the bucket. Sitting out governance proposals is, unfortunately, the rational decision but collectively makes everyone worse off. However, given that the strength of the DAO is directly related to the number of participants having their voices heard by the community, this problem needs to be addressed.

– Solution: Voting is the first step to onboarding new DAO contributors and/or delegates. But without meaningful voting authority, new and existing DAO citizens will remain sidelined and the DAO will remain worse off compared to competitors who optimize top of the funnel.

Event Horizon allows DAO citizens to vote with meaningful authority though its novel governance mechanism: Implicit Delegation

Event Horizon slots into the broader DAO ecosystem in a similar fashion to a standard delegate. However, rather than the pool voting based on the decision of one individual or group, it votes with the collective cognition of hundreds of individual Event Horizon Voter Pass holders. This serves two functions:

  1. Enfranchise Community Citizens: It provides a clear and designated voice for smaller, retail voters.
  2. Increase Meaningful Retail Participation: It drives participation through a game theoretic process called Implicit Delegation. Whether 10 people show up to vote, or 10,000 people do, the full retail voter allotment is mobilized in support of the community’s desired outcome:

When participation is low… each voter receives a larger slice of the public access pie. This means the fewer people there are voting, the more incentive there is for someone new to come and participate.
When participation is high… there are more voters splitting the same pie, however, retail participation is high, which is a great win for the ecosystem.

This is all done without the need to pay delegates with inflationary token rewards, which would attract the wrong crowd anyway. Event Horizon’s model attracts people strictly interested in governance, not payment.

– DAO Benefits: From a DAO perspective, Implicit Delegation brings the many great ideas and voices from the long-tail distribution of low-capital community members to the surface. We like to say that the best ideas in an ecosystem are often held in the minds of individuals with $50 in governance voice, so we need a better platform for these ideas to be heard.Delegate Benefits: Governance is hard. It is nearly impossible to review, react to, and care about every individual proposal. EH functions as a hive mind to solve this problem. If there are 3 proposals (Gaming, Lending, and Partnership) 100 citizens may show up to vote for each, but the exact voter body may be entirely different each time, with those caring about gaming participating in the gaming proposal, and so on and so forth for the other proposal topics.

How it Works:

| Step 0 — Mint: Any citizen of the DAO ecosystem may mint a free voter pass.

| Step 1 — Duplication: Once a delegation is established, Event Horizon begins automatically duplicating all base DAO proposals within its own metagovernance dashboard.

| Step 2 — Metagovernance: Retail voters may mint a free voter pass and begin voting to decide how the retail enfranchisement pool is mobilized in the base DAO proposal.

| Step 3 — Base DAO Voting: 24 hours prior to the closure of the base DAO proposal, the Event Horizon metagovernance proposal closes. Event Horizon then automatically pushes the consensus decision established by the retail community during the metagovernance proposal into the base DAO proposal.

The end result is that citizens who vote through Event Horizon vote with a significant vote multiple. We’ve often seen multiples upwards of 10,000x and roughly $40k voting power per voter. This provides new users with a strong incentive to show up and vote.